I Tried the Hunter For Target Collection Before Everyone Else – Here's What I Can't Live Without

If you’re wondering what you should be lunging for now that the Hunter for Target collection has arrived, I’ve got you covered. I went on an adventure to Big Sur, CA, with the two brands to preview the new collaboration and test it out for myself. Spoiler: it certainly didn’t disappoint. The line is chock-full of boots, outerwear, clothing, shoes, accessories, and outdoor gear with affordable price points and quality materials. In fact, the quality is so impressive I can’t believe the prices are so reasonable. By purchasing these products, you’re investing in items you’ll have for years to come.

Besides being accessible and well-made, did I mention that this stuff is cute as hell? There are so many thoughtful little details that go into each piece, making them all feel special. I saw every item in the collection, so I rounded up my favorite pieces that are definitely worthy of your money. From iconic rain boots to on-trend track pants, these are the 10 must haves I’ll be wearing all Spring long. Find out what makes them so covetable and unique.

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