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Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Celebrate Their Engagement With Vanderpump Rules Cast- Photos

Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Celebrate Engagement

Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Celebrate Engagement

As you know – the star-crossed lovers we’ve all been hoping will have a happily ever after have just gotten engaged! That’s right, over the weekend Jax Taylor popped the question to Brittany Cartwright in a surprise proposal that also marked the beginning of filming for Vanderpump Rules season 7! SO many things to celebrate!!!!!!!!

Spoiler alert – the proposal was filmed. 

And if you were hoping (like I and the rest of humanity was) that there would be some changes to the Vanderpump Rules cast, you’ll be disappointed to know that the entire gang was present.

Kristen revealed, “keeping this #pumprules crew quiet for the surprise was almost impossible. #jaxandbrittany”

What is even the point of this? Jax is approaching 40 not to mention that he doesn’t even work at SUR and is about ready to collect social security. We’ve already had TWO disaster weddings (and one divorce) from this cast, which is proof enough that they have overstayed their Vanderpump welcome that comes with the chaos and crazy of being sexy, poor and basically unemployed with fame aspirations. Can’t these old timers get their own show called something like ‘Been SURved,’ or ‘SURvived’ and we can get a new, young, hip – actually working at SUR and not as professional reality stars – cast on Vanderpump Rules?

Anyway, Jax proposed to Brittany at their favorite restaurant (surprisingly not Hooters!) with a Kyle Chan designed ring. Then he put on his best Joker the Serial Killer grin and let Brittany gush all over Instagram. You can see photos of this momentous occasion below.

With all the cross-promoting of the show, I have to wonder – did love win, as Brittany bragged, or did famewhoring? Was this a proposal – or a storyline?

Poll time: How long before Jax cheats to sabotage the wedding?!


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]

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