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LISTEN UP! R. Kelly’s Brother Releases Diss Track Accusing Him of Spreading STDs & Sleeping With Men… [AUDIO]

R. Kelly’s estranged brother Carey “Killa” Kelly has jumped onboard the Roast R-uh movement with a brand new diss track.

The track, titled, “I Confess” was released as a clapback to Kelly’s 19-minute song “I Admit” where the embattled R&B singer discussed at length his career woes, including the allegations of sexual and emotional abuse towards young fans he allegedly housed in a cult.

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In between his confessions about dyslexia and losing his publishing, Kelly briefly mentioned his brothers and their broken relationship in the following verse:

“I admit I miss my brothers (brothers) But I admit they weren’t acting like brothers (brothers),” he sings. “Yeah, we’ve had our differences/But you don’t turn on your brother (no)/For nothing, for no one, nada (no, no)/Mama, Joanne, is watching (no, no, no)/She must be turning over in her grave (yeah).”

Apparently ‘Killa Kelly’ wasn’t too thrilled about the line and he’s released a song of his own that includes startling claims about Kelly’s private life.

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