Britney Spears Donates $120,000 to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

Britney Spears is giving back.

WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Tests Out Kylie Jenner’s New Lip Kit

What better way to test your beauty products than by giving them to your family?

Look for Less: Kardashian’s Pajama Party Bedhead’s 3D Stripe Classic PJ

Now that looks like it was a fun pajama party.

Christina Milian Says She and Lil Wayne Are Just Friends, Still Text Each Other

Christina Milian is clearing up the rumors.

Prince George Spends a Day at the Museum with a Mummy

Kate Middleton and Prince George were like any other mom and son checking out giant dinosaur bones at a museum …

Ricky Gervais Set to Host the Golden Globes, Again

Womp womp. We’re always and forever Team Poehler and Fey!

WATCH: Justin Bieber and Skrillex Discuss Artistic Collaboration While Riding Hoverboards

Just as the Renaissance greats had envisioned such discussions.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Have Date Night at ‘Spectre’ World Premiere

Daniel Craig was there, too. …

Rita Ora Opens Up About Dating a 26-Year-Old When She Was 14: ‘I Wanted It’

Rita Ora’s first-ever relationship wasn’t exactly normal.

‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Episodes Will Cover an Entire Calendar Year

365 days of Lorelai and Rory for all!

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